Neutral Nouns in German

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All neutral nouns or sometimes called “no gender” nouns, usually
begin with “das.

Notice that ‘s’ which is an indicative of neutral noun in german.

Some of fine examples of neutral nouns are…

das Ausland Foreign country
das Café Coffee house
das Buch Book
das Radio Radio
das Institut Institut
das Hotel Hotel
das Büro Office
das Formular Form
das Haus House
das Goethe-Institut German Institute
das Taxi Taxi
das Telefon Telephone
das Spiel Sport
das Kind Child
das Mädchen Girl (unmarried)
das Zimmer Room
das Wasser Water
das Geld Money
das Geschäft Business / Shop

Tips to Isolate Neutral Nouns

Here are some of the tips, so that you can best remember neutral german

Learn this 1000 times in German!

Money (das Geld)and Water (das Wasser) always belong to neutral gender. In short they have no gender.

1. Child and Girl

Did you notice !

Surprisingly the gender for a child (das Kind) and unmarried girl (das Mädchen )
has no gender or das neutral gender? Surprised?

yes, in german they are very special. Both has no gender. This is a true peculiar difference with german language than compared to other languages.

2. -o endings

Watch out for some of the german nouns with
endings. These mostly should be of neutral gender. Please
note that not all nouns strictly obey rules, and this is just mere tip
to learn german at faster rate.

das Radio Radio
das Foto Photo
das Büro Office
das Kino Cinema
das Video Video

3. Noun Formation from Verbs

Look for any nouns that are derived or formed from the main verbs. They
most probably should be of neutral gender. Just make the verb change to
noun by capitalising the first beginning letter.

das Essen verb essen (to eat) Food, Meal
das Fernsehen v. fernsehen (watch TV)

Note! Not all verbs can be easily converted to noun,
most undergo many changes before being transformed to noun.

4. -ot endings

Nouns that end in -ot are mostly neutral category.

das Angebot Offer
das Verbot Prohibit
das Brot Bread

5. -um endings

Another best way to isolate or identify neutral german nouns is by noticing
-um ending of nouns.

das Datum Date
das Zentrum Central

6. – tut endings

das Institut Institute
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