21 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of Be careful in using `sein` verb in past and present

When you are learning german grammar, be careful with the past and present of the infamous `be` verb in german sein
sein (present)         sein(past)
ich               bin                     war
du                bist                    warst
er/es/sie    ist                       war
Wir              sind                   waren
ihr                seid                    wart
Sie                sind                    waren
Let us see the following sentences which often mislead …

18 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of Omission of Definite/Indefinite Articles in German

I have often got confused when to omit definite/indefinite articles in German. Here are some of the simple tips on when to omit definite or indefinite articles in german. This is otherwise known as zero/null article in german.
You can omit articles in the following cases..

Before nationality
Before personal name
Before most …

17 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of Lernen vs studieren? Whats the difference?

For many english language people, the verbs lernen and studierence often lead to confusion on what to use where and when.
lernen (to learn)
studieren (to study)

Lernen is often used context which is school related, language learning, personal or work experience.
Studieren is used only in the context of  University related coursework.

Ich lerne …

17 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of Where to learn German in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is a emerging developing city in Tamilnadu state of  India. If you are looking for a place to learn german, unlike chennai there are only few places available where you can learn german. There is one Goethe Insitut available where you can get your internationally valid Deutsch certificate. Other …

17 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of 4 Most Powerful German Verbs

I am firm believer in simple small verbs that can does great wonders in not just in German, but in any language. You dont need to use complex words, but few dead simple words in a language will do an amazing job. Whereever you go, be it in any country …

17 Dec 2010
Post Thumbnail of One Misleading Definite Article in German

Many of you would know that der/das/die are definite, while ein/eine are indefinite articles. In the below sentence, you will be often tempted to enter `ein`, but it is actually wrong.
Das ist _______ Auto von Bernard.
The answer is `das`. why? if you observe closely the gender for Auto is `das` …

25 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Plural Nouns in German

In german, all plural nouns start or begin with “die”. That is the genders will be fused to “die” for plurals.

die (plural)



Sometimes properly identifying feminin or plural nouns could be really confusing. …

25 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Feminine Nouns in German

All feminine nouns in german begin with “die”. Most feminine nouns in german would only be easy for you to learn if you learn the gender along wit h the noun, if …

25 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Neutral Nouns in German

All neutral nouns or sometimes called “no gender” nouns, usually
begin with “das“.
Notice that ‘s’ which is an indicative of neutral noun in german.
Some of fine examples of neutral nouns are…

das Ausland
Foreign country

das Café
Coffee house

das Buch

das Radio

das Institut

das Hotel

das Büro

das Formular

das Haus

das Goethe-Institut
German Institute

das Taxi

das Telefon

das Spiel

das Kind

das Mädchen
Girl (unmarried)

das …

25 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Masculine Nouns in German

All german nouns which are masculine by gender, begin with “der”. Although there is no real rule available in German to classify particular nouns to masculine gender, it is recommended that the more you acqu aint …

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